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* “Bill Gates ‘Magic Seeds’ Won’t Solve World Hunger But Will ‘Create Ecological Disaster,’” by Suzanne Burdick, Ph.D.

* “Biggest Lie in World History: There Never Was A Pandemic. The Data Base is Flawed. The Covid Mandates including the Vaccine are InvalidThe PCR ‘Covid-19 Confirmed Cases’ are Meaningless. The Multibillion Dollar Antigen and Home Test Project is Fake,”  by Prof Michel Chossudovsky.

* “According to Joe Biden: ‘The Pandemic is Over’, 57,676 New Cases in the U.S. in the Last 24 Hours.”

‘Decision to launch a pandemic’ vs. ‘Pandemic is over,’” By Prof Michel Chossudovsky

* “The Truth about Ivermectin,” by Mikki Willis

* “Global Planned Financial Tsunami Has Just Begun,” By F. William Engdahl

* “UK Pulls Back on COVID Shots for Kids + ‘Normalizing’ Myocarditis: ‘This Week’ With Mary + Polly,” By  Children’s Health Defense Team

* “Nanoparticulate Rain, Interview With A Scientist,” by

* “Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, September 10, 2022, # 370 ( Dane Wigington )”

* “The Real Reason Fauci Is Stepping Down? ‘His Presence Is No Longer Politically Sustainable,’” by Epoch Times

* “As the COVID Myths Explode, Delusions Are Shattering: Our Exit from Subservience Leads to Nuremberg 2.0,” by Prof Anthony Hall