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“Psyche Revived by the Kiss of Eros”

January 10, 2017


Etimology – – “Arche [pronunciation?] (Ancient Greek: ἀρχή) is a Greek word with primary senses ‘beginning’, ‘origin’ or ‘source of action’ (εξ’ ἀρχής: from the beginning, οr εξ’ ἀρχής λόγος: the original argument), and later first principle or element, first so used by Anaximander (Simplicius in Ph. 150.23), principles of knowledge (ἀρχαί) (Aristot. Metaph. 995b8). By extension, it may mean ‘first place,’ ‘power’, ‘method of government’, ’empire, realm’, ‘authorities’ (in plural: ἀρχαί), ‘command’.[1] The first principle or element corresponds to the ‘ultimate underlying substance’ and ‘ultimate undemonstrable principle’.[2] In the philosophical language of the archaic period (8th-6th century BC), arche (or archai) designates the source, origin or root of things that exist. In ancient Greek philosophy, Aristotle foregrounded the meaning of arche as the element or principle of a thing, which although undemonstrable and intangible in itself, provides the conditions of the possibility of that thing.”[3]

“The main influence on the development of archetypal psychology is Carl Jung‘s analytical psychology….Archetypal psychology relativizes and deliteralizes the notion of ego and focuses on what it calls the psyche, or soul, and the deepest patterns of psychic functioning, ‘the fundamental fantasies that animate all life’ (Moore, in Hillman, 1991). Archetypal psychology likens itself to a polytheistic mythology in that it attempts to recognize the myriad fantasies and myths – gods, goddesses, demigods, mortals and animals – that shape and are shaped by our psychological lives. In this framework the ego is but one psychological fantasy within an assemblage of fantasies….Carl Gustav Jung was a Swiss psychologist who was the first father of archetypal psychology. Jungian archetypes are thought patterns that find worldwide parallels in individuals or entire cultures. Archai appear in dreams, religions, the arts, and social customs in all people and they manifest impulsively in ‘mental disorders.’[1] According to Jung archetypal ideas and patterns reside within the collective unconscious, which is a blueprint inherent in every individual, as opposed to the personal unconscious, which contains a single individual’s (inculcated, culturally and politically-oppressed-ps) repressed (suppressed, and depressed-ps) ideas, desires and memories as described by Freud.”

What differentiates “Jung’s” analytic archetypal psychology from a Western patristic, one-sided, “biological behavioristic cognitive” “psychiatric medical-model paradigm,” of “numerically coded,” “final solution” “isms” is the symbolic fact that “archetypes” are not the sole property of rational ego; nor are they a denial of individual responsibility to know their numinous libidinal subtle-body autoimmune autochthonic manifestation in the body through their “projected archetypal feminine libido shadow” in a “whole man” and “masculine libido shadow” in a “whole woman.”  “Archetypes” of their “mythic goddess mother” and “god father” and their “divine child” are partly manifest through masculine and feminine psychology.  They are numinous emotional, transconscious, subtle-body qualities that embody a pair of projected, deeply unconscious, paradoxically informing, intrapsychic, undifferentiated, symbolic, mythic, hermaphroditic, theriomorphic, autochthonic, opposite parenting/child shadow qualities of “Psyche” and “Eros” in a potential original whole man and woman.  “They do not belong to (a “monotheistic” or “polytheistic”-ps) ego-personality but are supraordinate to it.  The ego-personality occupies an intermediate position, like the ‘anima’ (“in” a “whole” man or “animus” “in” a “whole” woman likened to the-ps)…’soul’ placed between good and evil.  The pairs of opposites constitute the phenomenology of the paradoxical self, man’s (and woman’s) totality….The intensity of the conflict is expressed in symbols like fire and water, height and depth, life and death.” ( Jung, Mysterium Coniunctionis, 6).

It is the analytic task of dream analysis to identify, differentiate and re-embody the culturally gendered, nullified, “mythic-body” “archetypal feminine shadow” of anima (Psyche) in a whole man and “masculine shadow”of “animus” (Eros) in a whole woman.

Contrary to “official politicized myth” and its “mental health State of the Art” “New World Order agenda” of “relational false flag gender violence,” the archetypal ancestral shadow of psyche’s historically rejected and projected ego thralling numinous emotional autonomy  cannot be “eliminated” by more “polarized,” “numerically coded,” “mechanistic,” “artificial,” “vilified,” “lobotomized,” “insulin/insolent shocked,” “eugenically modified” “toxic treatment” of psyche’s paradoxical dialectic nature in “relational wholeness,” stripped of its culturally gendered “mythic-body shadow”  of “symptoms” called forth by an inculcated “one-sided psychiatric paradigm of “Full Spectrum Dominance” in the first place.

It is a pointless destructive endeavor to engage any “critical dialogical analysis” of “the problem” of “psyche’s archetypal autonomous shadow “in-relationship” to its “undifferentiated mythic ancestral parental/governing/child projections of wholeness” in a “dream story” as a “tabula rasa” of “psychogenic gendered genetic defects,” stripped of an inculcated Western one-sided culturally gendered, colonizing, genocidal, patristic “Military Industrial Complex,” or creation mythos of a paradoxically informing, intrapsychic masculine and feminine psychology in “wholeness.”

Bottom line, a one-sided “militarized Western, Zionist/Christian, psychiatric medical-model paradigm of mental health” has done and is doing to indigenous ritual culture,  worldview, religion, the Earth, the feminine principle and the “body” what it has done and is doing to its ancestral psyche.  The inculcated “psychotic governance” of “false flag terrorism” does not exist in a  historic or symbolic culturally gendered vacuum, nor can it be reduced to the eugenics of a “numerically coded” “final solution” “toxic treatment” of “pandemic autoimmune revolt” called forth by that one-sided paradigm in the first place.

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